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Episode 2: Attack of the Canon

Welcome back to Episode #2 of the Quarter Portion Podcast, the only Star Wars podcast that rides single file to hide their numbers. Today hosts Chris and Patrick dive into the world of “Star Wars Canon,” the new official storyline of the Star Wars franchise. What books, comics, and games are included? How does this timeline differ from the previous Expanded Universe? Do those old stories still matter?

With all this ground work laid, we give our recommendations on where to start engaging with Canon. We provide suggestions for must-read books and comics that will help enrich your Star Wars experience, before discussing which dream projects we’d like to see added to the franchise.

Our Facebook page is The Quarter Portion Podcast, and you can find us on Twitter @kyberclub. Episodes are available on SoundCloud and the iTunes Store. If you enjoyed this episode, please Like it, and tell your friends! We are looking for topics and questions to discuss on the show, and are filing away all submissions – so please ask away, and we’ll mention you in upcoming shows! Your opinions and questions are worth sixty portions to us.

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