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Episode 1: First Steps Into A Larger World

This will begin to make things right. Welcome to the first episode of the Quarter Portion Podcast, a new monthly show where we discuss, analyze, and interpret the vast Star Wars universe! Your hosts, Chris & Patrick, aim to provide insightful discussion covering the whole spectrum of the enterprise, from the current Canon to the Legends universe, to the original trilogy and on to current movie news. We have something for every stripe of Star Wars fan.

This episode, we introduce ourselves and the show, and begin by discussing our personal multi-generational journeys as Star Wars fans – how we first encountered the movies, and how we engaged from there. We then check in and rank the movies, now that we’ve had time to digest Rogue One; this discussion constantly evolves as time goes on, so we thought it fitting to discuss off the hop.

Then we pick apart the recently announced title of Episode VIII, “The Last Jedi.” After looking at some surface-level interpretations and placing bets on its meaning, we dive deeper and discuss the implications of the term “Jedi” in the post-Empire era, and whether or not the term can be applied to Luke Skywalker at all. We finish with some anecdotes from Patrick’s time playing the classic Star Wars Roleplaying Game, and how his Game Master’s original story impacted his engagement with the official material.

Our Facebook page is The Quarter Portion Podcast; you can find us on Twitter @kyberclub. If you enjoyed this episode, please Like it, and tell your friends! We are looking for topics and questions to discuss on the show, and are filing away all submissions – so please ask away, and we’ll mention you in upcoming shows!

Thanks for listening to our Star Wars Podcast, and may you be one with the Force.

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