Chris de Hoog aka: Hooglo Ren

Chris is a writer, father, and geek of many passions. Star Wars was one integral part of his formative years. After he was shown the original pre-Special Edition cuts, he became an avid consumer of Expanded Universe content. Now he is a commentator on geekdom in a number of different channels; his appearances outside of his personal site include Final Fantasy Union and the Netflakes Podcast. Find him on Twitter @hoogathy.

A father of three and an avid outdoors-man Patrick has been a fan of Star Wars since his first trip to the drive in, where he saw The Empire Strikes Back as an awestruck 7 year old. Since then, Patrick’s passion for the Holy Trilogy and all it’s manifestations has continued to grow. From comics to novels, toys to role playing games and now the new films, he has finally found an outlet for his life long love of a galaxy far, far away. Find him on Twitter @jangofletch

Patrick Fletcher aka: Jango Fletch