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Episode 3 – Rogue One With the Force

Welcome to episode 3 of the Quarter Portion Podcast, the only Star Wars podcast that will be there for you – Cassian said we had to. Today we kick off our series of movie reviews with the latest addition to the theatrical canon, Rogue One (now on home video).

Emotions tend to run high after the adrenaline rush of a new Star Wars theatrical experience, so we start with a discussion of how our initial reactions have cooled over the last couple months. Then we dive deep into the cast of new characters, the plot, and the movie’s overall impact on the franchise. Throughout we supplement our opinions with tidbits from supplemental material like the official novelization, the prequel novel Catalyst, and the bonus features. The episode caps off with our first listener questions!

Our next movie review will be Episode IV, “A New Hope,” slated for the movie’s 40th anniversary date, May 25! Join us as we review the films in modified “Machete Order:” Rogue One, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6, 1, and 7, culminating in December with our initial reactions to Episode VIII!

Our Facebook page is The Quarter Portion Podcast, and you can find us on Twitter @kyberclub. Episodes are available on SoundCloud and the iTunes Store. If you enjoyed this episode, please Like it, tell your friends, and consider leaving us a review! We are looking for topics and questions to discuss on the show, and are filing away all submissions – so please ask away, and we’ll mention you in upcoming shows! Your opinions and questions are worth sixty portions to us.

The Quarter Portion Podcast is sponsored by Heroes, southwestern Ontario’s largest comic book & collectibles store.

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