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Episode 2.5: Review – Empire’s End

Welcome back to Episode #2.5 of the Quarter Portion Podcast, the only Star Wars podcast that buys a fancy blaster and a fancy ship for your newborn child. Today hosts Chris & Patrick return for a special bonus episode, where they review the latest addition to the Star Wars canon, “Aftermath: Empire’s End” by Chuck Wendig.

The conclusion of the Aftermath trilogy, Empire’s End reveals the end of the Galactic Civil War as well as the fates of this new group of ragtag heroes. We briefly discuss our thoughts on the trilogy before dissecting the novel’s characters and plot. We then turn to the series’ impact on canon, and break down the (many) ways Wendig has reshaped the future of Star Wars plotlines. After scoring the book, we update our speculations on some The Force Awakens theories, and close out with some wishes for future canon novels.

SPOILER WARNING! We aren’t pulling any punches – spoilers abound for the entire Aftermath trilogy. Tune in after you read the book, or if you want to save some time and catch up on important story points, but we highly recommend you read for yourself!

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  1. quarter portion says:

    I thought this discussion was most enlightening. We really got to the heart of this trilogy and what it means to the overall scope of the star wars universe!!

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